Shutters are the frame structure of the high-tech material - Polystyle©, with the similar features of wood, but without its drawbacks. Inside the frames there are mounted adjustable horizontal louvers that make Shutters similar to high-quality blinds. This structure is mounted directly into the vertical sides of the window opening. This allows the opening and closing of Shutters. This process also allows easy removal of Shutters if necessary. Shutters can be used for roof windows and doorways of complex shapes (arched, oval, round). The palette of colors possible is enough for the most demanding designs. (According to the color system of RAL - more than 400 colors + any kind of wood-like structural paint)

Shutters are practical and durable

Shutters withstand temperatures and humidity, do not fade, and are easy to clean if necessary (either by using a vacuum cleaner on a window or under running water by using a detergent). In North America Shutters are a mandatory attribute of the interior in your home, in the bathroom, kitchen, and basement window openings. The widespread use of Shutters is very often seen in offices.

Shutters easily fit into any interior, including those in which curtains are already used.

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